Hi, I'm Steven David

I started doing social media many years ago when I was hired to do social media management for a national TV show. Since then, I’ve been helping small business owners who want to build a community, increase sales, and strengthen their customer loyalty.

Marketing Strategy

We will discuss your thoughts and goals, and make a game plan in order to grow your social media accounts organically.

Content Curation

Together, we will create posts that will get engagement and help promote your brand.


Engagement is importatant. I will engage with those that leave comments and reviews. I will help build a relationship with your customers.

Monthly Analytics Report

Each month, you will receive an indepth report. With the report, we will see if we are going in the right direction, or if we need to change the game plan.

Grow your account organically.

I know that you may be tempted to buy followers or likes, but that hurts your account. I will grow your account organically. I never buy followers or likes.

This is one of the things
I do best.

I listen to you. I want to know what your vision and ideas. I want to us to work together to make your social media a success. I want you to have a great ROI.

What My Clients Say

“I have used Steven as a social media director for almost a decade. His continued dedication and passion for the job has been incredible. He shows the same passion for our YouTube channel as he did for my network television show. With both projects, Steven immersed himself in the content and knows as much about the shows as I do. For both projects, Steven was responsible foe posting content and more importantly corresponding with the fanbase. He takes his job and responsibilities very seriously and will be a valuable addition to your team.”

TV Show Producer

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My Awesome Team

Well, the team is just me right now. There are plans to add more team members in the future.

Steven David

Social Media Manager

Say Hello

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


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