Instagram Stories -Stop!!!

Instagram Stories -Stop!!!

June 30, 2019 Uncategorized 0

Instagram stories are a great way to show what is going on, or even telling about a daily special. But are people skipping through your stories?

You should do at least one story a day. It shows your followers that you are active. But, from doing research and talking to others, don’t do more than 10 stories per day. If you have so many stories, your followers could be getting tired and exited them.

One of my clients was doing 20+ stories everyday. Even I would skip through them. I had them reduce to no more than 10 in a day, and the reports showed that people were watching them more and not exiting.

Also, and just my opinion, don’t get into the gimmick things such as Boomerang. That was cute when it started, but now it can get over used in stories. Here is something to do, watch a lot of stories from those you follow. Don’t skip forward on any. Then think about the ones you wanted to skip, ask yourself do you make those same stories? Make stories that you want to watch. Make them fun and interesting.


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